Introducing BRICST

A Stable Coin to be an alternative to the USD & USDT and pegged to the Chinese Yuan.
Join the Future of Global Finance with BRICST.

Welcome to BRICST, a new stablecoin that is pegged to the currencies of the BRICS Plus nations. Our goal is to provide a stable, secure, and accessible digital currency that can be used worldwide for payments, investments, and savings. With BRICST, you can enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency without the volatility and uncertainty that often come with other digital assets.

What is BRICST?

BRICST is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide a stable and secure platform for transactions and investments in the BRICS region and beyond. BRICST is designed to solve the problems of volatility and instability that have plagued the cryptocurrency market since its inception.

1 BRICST = 7 Chinese Yuan.

Did you know you can donate to the BRICS Foundation,
and receive free BRICST of equal amount

BRICSTether is a new stablecoin to launch shortly, which is planned to eventually be weighted to a basic of BRIC Nations currencies, but initially 1 BRICST will be pegged to 7 Chinese Yuan. It will be asset backed in fiat,crypto,bonds,gold,silver and real estate.

It couldn’t launch soon enough for some, especially Russians and other nations being sanctioned or losing faith in the USD. Binance recently announced its no longer going to allow Russians to buy USDT, so BRICST is expected to fill the gap for Russians, but also many BRICSPlus nations, not to mention many that are concerned re the fall of the USD. As the world shifts away from the Us dominated unipolar world, a multipolar world will see a search for alternative currencies for settling international trades. It’s expected many non Western countries will seek to utilise BRICST to support its growth to ensure alternative cross border settlements can occur inexpensively, outside the USD

BRICST will list on a small number of exchanges to start with and expand as its ramps up its operations.

BRICSTXchange also is set to launch to be one of the main exchanges to handle BRICS transactions.

Why we need BRICST?

As the western economy continues to plummet, the value of their currencies is also taking a hit. Any crypto that depends on the western economy could potentially see a massive drop in value. But with BRICST, people can invest in a stable and rapidly growing economy with over 40% of the world's population, 24% of the world GDP, and over 16% share in world trade.

BRICST offers many benefits to users, including -


BRICST transactions are secured by blockchain technology, which makes them virtually tamper-proof and resistant to fraud.


Anyone with an internet connection can use BRICST, regardless of their location or financial status.


BRICST transactions are anonymous and do not require users to disclose personal information, making them a preferred choice for those who value privacy.

Experienced Team​

Our team of experts has years of experience blockchain technology and marketing.​

Earn By Staking.

With our innovative staking program, you can earn interest on your coins simply by holding them. That’s right, you can earn up to 5% interest for staking your coins for just 90 days or earn a whopping 10% for 12 months! And this is just the beginning – we’re always looking for ways to reward our loyal holders and provide even more benefits.

BRICST Invests in Assets!

At BRICST, we invest in a range of assets to create a stable and profitable portfolio. Our investment strategy includes the following:

  • Liquid assets.
  • Stocks
  • Gold and Silver commodities.
  • Crypto assets.
  • Real Estate.
  • BRICS Plus nations' investment opportunities.

With this diversified approach, we aim to deliver strong returns and maximize growth potential.

**The % held in each asset allocation will vary subject to investment management decisions deemed appropriate for the best asset protection and liquidity requirements of the currency**

How To Buy BRICST.

Buying BRICST is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create a digital wallet that supports BRICST (preferably BRICSTX). You can use any of the popular wallets like MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or BRICSTX. We recommend you use BRICSTX.

Step 2: Purchase Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, or USDC from any exchange that supports your local currency.

Step 3: Send your ETH or BTC to your digital wallet and exchange it for BRICST.

Step 4: Once you have purchased BRICST, you can store it in your digital wallet or use it for transactions and investments.

For the best experience, visit BRICSTX exchange and buy BRICST hassle-free with crypto or fiat currency.


Most frequent questions and answers.

Yes, BRICST is a legal cryptocurrency that operates under the laws of the countries where it is used.

The minimum investment in BRICST depends on the exchange or platform where you purchase it. Typically, there is no minimum investment.

The value of the BRICST currency is fixed to the value of 7 Chinese Yuan, approximately $1 USD as of early 2023. The stable coin is 100% asset backed and provision of quarterly audits of its asset portfolio mix is made public.

Yes, you can convert BRICST to any fiat currency through an exchange that supports BRICST.

Initially, to the Chinese Yuan.1 BRICST will be pegged at 7 Yuan.
That’s approximately $ 1 USD as of early 2023.

It will largely be an asset backed by the fiat currency of BRICS nations, primarily the Chinese Yuan. Additionally, it will hold smaller amounts of the top 5 major fiat currencies, including the Euro and some US dollars.

Furthermore, it will also hold a proportion of other cryptocurrencies, mainly the top 10, as well as gold, silver, and other commodities. It will also include a proportion of real estate assets and an allocation for selected investments in BRICSPlus nations.

It is similar in many ways; however, many wish to reduce their exposure & risk from the inflated USD and also realize the BRICS nations are growing and will become a dominant force in a new multipolar world. Especially as Globalisation & centralization is now in reverse since interrupted supply chains during the Covid pandemic.

Also, BRICST will be far more transparent. It will provide quarterly asset allocation updates.

Yes, accounting firms will audit the asset holdings & BRICST will provide quarterly updates of its assets and allocation split.

Yes, you can. Currently, 5% if staked for 90 days or longer and 10% if staked for 12 months or longer

All cryptocurrencies carry risk; however, a stablecoin, especially one largely fiat-backed, is perhaps the safest of all cryptos.

You can buy and sell it off any exchange it will be listed on. Initially, it’s listed on BRICSTX, but other exchanges are patiently waiting to also list it.

Depending on the exchanges – some you can, some only with crypto or USDT

However, you can use bank transfers from most major currencies to purchase it via BRICSTX.

No, it’s not a Government Digital Currency.
We find most crypto users aren’t fond of Government-backed cryptocurrencies or CBDCs planned by Central Banks.

However, the BRICST is establishing an advisory committee where each BRICS plus nation,& other selected countries will be allocated a representative seat to advise on their needs and opportunities for BRICST to be a more suitable reserve currency for settlement of trades, commerce, or holding of funds as an alternative to the USD or US banks. These banks often carry the risk of sanctions or freezing of funds of nations who refuse to abide by a unipolar world Western dominant ideology.

Many nations & companies & individuals are supportive of having other reserve currencies to the USD,& other ways to make payments for trade, or otherwise, outside of the USD.

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