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BRICS Member States Developing Admission Criteria for New Members, says Senator

In a recent news conference, Valentina Matviyenko, the Russian Federation Council Speaker, emphasized the importance of the BRICS organization and its cautious approach to membership. She stated that the organization’s decision to not admit every country at once, under unclear principles, demonstrates the seriousness with which BRICS operates.

Matviyenko highlighted that the BRICS organization, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is built upon a foundation of strategic partnerships and shared values. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully consider which countries are invited to join the group. According to her, the BRICS nations are committed to maintaining a high level of cooperation, and therefore, it is necessary to ensure that any new members share these same goals and principles.

The Russian Federation Council Speaker emphasized that any potential new members of BRICS should possess certain qualities that align with the organization’s objectives. She stated that the admission process is not arbitrary, but rather a considered evaluation of a country’s economic strength, political stability, and commitment to the principles of democracy and human rights. This thorough assessment ensures that the organization is reinforced with strong and compatible nations.

Matviyenko also noted that every addition of a new member to BRICS brings about an expansion of the organization’s capabilities and opportunities. However, to maintain efficiency and effectiveness, it is crucial to strike a balance between inclusivity and the organization’s founding principles. Therefore, the decision to admit new members is one that requires careful consideration and adherence to clear and transparent guidelines.

The Russian Federation Council Speaker further explained that BRICS does not aim to become a universal organization that encompasses every nation. Instead, it aims to enhance collaboration and cooperation among a selected group of countries that share similar visions for global development. The organization seeks to create a platform for dialogue and cooperation that eventually becomes a significant force driving global economic growth and development.

Matviyenko reaffirmed that BRICS operates on the basis of fairness and mutual respect among its members. The decision-making process regarding potential new members is consensus-based, ensuring that every country’s voice is heard and considered. This approach fosters trust and strengthens the unity within the organization.

Looking forward, the Russian Federation Council Speaker expressed optimism about the future of BRICS and the potential for new members to join. She reiterated that BRICS has already achieved remarkable success in various areas, such as trade, investment, and technological innovation. By cautiously expanding its membership, the organization can further amplify its impact on global affairs.

In conclusion, Valentina Matviyenko’s remarks emphasized the importance of the BRICS organization’s cautious approach to admitting new members. The decision to not admit every country at once, under unclear principles, reflects the organization’s seriousness and commitment to shared values and goals. The evaluation process for potential new members ensures compatibility and strengthens the organization’s capabilities. BRICS aims to promote collaboration and mutual respect among a selected group of countries to drive global economic growth and development. With a consensus-based decision-making process, the organization remains united and optimistic about its future.

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