BRICS Tether

Russia backs Algeria’s aim to join BRICS, expanding the group’s membership.

Russian Chairman of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, recently embarked on a bilateral visit to Algiers where she met with Salah Goudjil, the Chairman of the Algerian Council of the Nation. The purpose of this meeting was to strengthen the ties between Russia and Algeria and explore avenues of cooperation in various sectors.

During their meeting, Matvienko and Goudjil expressed their mutual desire to deepen the existing friendly relations between the two countries. They emphasized the importance of building a solid foundation for cooperation in political, economic, and cultural spheres. Both leaders recognized the vast potential for collaboration and expressed their commitment to further expanding the bilateral relationship.

The discussions mainly focused on economic cooperation, with an aim to boost trade, investment, and joint ventures between Russian and Algerian companies. Matvienko highlighted the expertise and capabilities of Russian companies in various sectors such as energy, infrastructure, and agriculture. She stressed the importance of leveraging these capabilities to enhance bilateral economic ties and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Goudjil acknowledged Russia’s significant contributions to Algeria’s development, particularly in the fields of energy, transportation, and construction. He expressed his country’s interest in further deepening these connections and utilizing Russian expertise to enhance Algeria’s infrastructure projects. The Algerian Chairman also emphasized the importance of diversifying the economic cooperation to include sectors like healthcare, tourism, and education.

Both sides also discussed the need for strengthening cooperation in the cultural and educational fields. Matvienko highlighted the importance of promoting cultural exchanges, organizing joint events, and facilitating student exchanges between universities and educational institutions of both countries. Goudjil echoed these sentiments and proposed the signing of agreements to promote cultural cooperation, including the establishment of Russian language centers in Algeria.

In addition to economic and cultural aspects, the two leaders exchanged views on a range of regional and international issues of mutual interest. They highlighted the necessity of joint efforts in combating terrorism, promoting regional stability, and finding peaceful solutions to regional conflicts. Matvienko commended Algeria’s role as a key player in the African continent and acknowledged its efforts in maintaining peace and stability in the region.

Overall, the meeting between Valentina Matvienko and Salah Goudjil brought forth a renewed commitment to strengthening the bilateral relationship between Russia and Algeria. Both leaders expressed their optimism about the future prospects of cooperation and highlighted the importance of regular high-level engagements to ensure the successful implementation of agreements.

The visit of the Russian Chairman of the Federation Council to Algeria signifies the significance of the bilateral relationship and the eagerness of both countries to deepen their ties. With a solid foundation laid during this meeting, it is expected that the cooperation between Russia and Algeria will witness substantial growth in the coming years, benefiting both nations and contributing to regional stability and prosperity.

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