BRICS Tether

SA partners with BRICS nations to further Africa’s objectives

South Africa, in its role as the chair of the BRICS group, has set out its plans to collaborate with its fellow member countries – Brazil, Russia, India, and China – in order to advance the African agenda for growth, development, and integration, as well as to advocate for the needs and concerns of the Global South.

As the newly appointed chair of BRICS, South Africa recognizes the importance of fostering cooperation and solidarity among its member nations. The country seeks to leverage its chairship to promote a shared vision of inclusive and sustainable development that benefits not just its own citizens, but also those in other African countries and across the Global South.

South Africa has outlined several key priorities for its chairship term. One of the major goals is to enhance the economic and trade relations between BRICS countries and African nations. By strengthening these ties, South Africa envisions a future where African economies grow at a sustainable pace, creating employment opportunities and reducing poverty. This objective aligns with the African Union’s Agenda 2063, which aims to accelerate integration and socio-economic development within the continent.

Another priority for South Africa is to promote investment in infrastructure development across Africa. This will involve working with BRICS partners to attract foreign direct investment and mobilize resources for large-scale infrastructure projects. By improving Africa’s physical connectivity and access to basic services such as transportation, energy, and water, South Africa aims to facilitate regional integration and facilitate intra-African trade.

Furthermore, South Africa intends to use its chairship to strengthen cooperation in the fields of science, technology, and innovation. The country recognizes that technological advancements play a crucial role in driving economic growth and overcoming development challenges. By sharing knowledge and expertise within the BRICS framework, South Africa aims to foster innovation and ensure that African countries are equipped to embrace the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

South Africa also aims to address global governance issues during its term as chair. The country believes that the voices of the Global South need to be heard and taken into account in international forums and decision-making processes. South Africa will work with its BRICS partners to advocate for a more equitable and inclusive global governance system that reflects the diversity of the world’s nations.

In addition to these priorities, South Africa is committed to promoting social cohesion and inclusivity within its own society. As one of the most unequal countries in the world, South Africa recognizes the importance of addressing socio-economic disparities and ensuring that everyone has equal access to opportunities and services. By setting an example in promoting social justice and inclusivity, South Africa aims to contribute to a more just and equitable world.

In conclusion, South Africa’s chairship of BRICS presents an opportunity for cooperation and collaboration among member nations to advance the African agenda for growth, development, and integration, while also advocating for the needs and concerns of the Global South. By focusing on economic relations, infrastructure development, science and technology, global governance, and social inclusivity, South Africa aims to make a meaningful impact and contribute to a more prosperous future for its citizens and the wider global community.

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