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Twitter says goodbye to Bluebird as Elon Musk renames platform X.

In a much-anticipated move, the popular social media platform Twitter has officially rebranded itself as X. This announcement comes after months of teasing by its former CEO, Elon Musk. As part of the rebranding, Twitter has replaced its iconic bird logo with a simple X and changed its color scheme from blue to black.

One significant change that accompanies the rebranding is the change in Twitter’s URL. It is now, a domain name that is linked to Musk’s 1999 financial services startup, which was later sold to PayPal. was an early online bank, and it was initially funded by Musk and Greg Kouri, who also went on to fund Musk’s later ventures, Tesla and SpaceX.

The letter X has special significance for Musk, as he uses it in several of his business endeavors, including SpaceX and Tesla car models. In March, Musk established X Corp. as the parent company of Twitter, paving the way for the social media platform’s rebranding. This move is part of Musk’s vision to create a “super app” with multiple functionalities.

Musk’s tenure as the head of Twitter was marked by controversy from the start. However, his plans to transform the platform had been in motion long before he took over. In April, Twitter introduced a new feature that allowed users to access the cryptocurrency market and other financial services directly from the app.

In a recent interview, Musk explained that the motive behind rebranding to X was to create an “everything app,” a concept that is popular in China. Chinese social media applications like WeChat serve as platforms for text and video calls, as well as for various financial activities such as payment of bills, booking cabs, and restaurants, all within the app itself.

Musk envisions X becoming a popular platform for finance, banking, payments, and data. He believes that over time, it has the potential to become “half of the global financial system.” This ambitious vision aligns with Musk’s goal of offering a comprehensive suite of services within a single app, similar to what Chinese users enjoy.

However, the rebranding of Twitter has not received widespread support from its users. Many believe that abandoning the famous blue bird logo for a new concept is not a good idea. Despite the backlash, Musk remains determined to forge ahead with his plans for X, aiming to create a seamless and encompassing user experience that could revolutionize the way people engage with social media and financial services.

Time will tell whether Twitter’s transformation into X will be successful. In the meantime, users and industry observers are eagerly watching to see how this rebranding will unfold and whether Musk’s vision of a “super app” will become a reality.

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